Aug 27 2008

Dyson DC15 Review

Several years ago James Dyson revolutionized the vacuum industry with the release of a new line of vacuums that do not lose suction over time. This line of vacuums, like all Dyson vacuums to follow, uses a patented root cyclone system whereby dust and other debris is literally thrown out of air using centrifugal force. The dirty incoming air is spun rapidly in a circular pattern until nearly all particles are thrown out of the air and into the vacuum’s collecting chamber. Unlike regular vacuums, where the bag gets more and more clogged with the addition of more debris, the dyson air flow is never obstructed, leading to even and sustained suction power.

Now, Dyson has introduced another revolutionary feature: “the ball.” Instead of resting on wheels like conventional vacuums, Dyson’s DC15 series of vacuums actually move about on top of a heavy ball at the base of the vacuum that contains the vacuum motor. This keeps the center of gravity quite low, allowing smoother and easier handling. The ball allows the vacuum to twist and turn around nearly any piece of furniture and into small tight spaces. The maneuverability of the ball vacuum is simply unmatched by an vacuum using the standard wheel system. This is an especially important advancement for Dyson vacuum cleaners that tend to put strain on some users due to their weight and suction power. The ball helps the vacuum overcome its powerful and slightly cumbersome nature.

The DC15 “The Ball” series currently contains four vacuum models: the all floors, animal, total clean, and full kit. The all floors model is somewhat the bare bones options, containing no extra or add-on tools. All the other vacuum models come with the very popular mini turbine head, which is simply wonderful at removing unwanted pet hair from furniture upholstery. The animal, which is typically the best selling model of the four, sells for about $559 and also contains the low reach floor tool and effective carpet cleaning kit.

When considering purchasing a Dyson vacuum cleaner, we highly recommend you take a look at one of the DC15 “The Ball” models. They may cost a little more, but they are certainly easier to handle than your average vacuum. They really do make vacuuming as much of a pleasure as it could possibly be.