Sep 27

Dyson DC17 Vacuum Cleaner

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If you’ve ever wanted to get your hands on the most technologically advanced vacuum cleaner ever created, look no further because the Dyson DC17 vacuum cleaner offers just that. This vacuum cleaner makes full use of Dyson’s patented Root Cyclone technology. This innovative technology allows for no suction loss when cleaning in any floor environment. The air exhausted from a Dyson is also cleaner than the air you are actually breathing right now. Dyson’s are the first vacuum cleaners in the world to receive recognition from the Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America and Britain. This makes them the first Asthma and Allergy friendly vacuum cleaners on the planet!

In fact, the air expelled from a Dyson has 150 times less bacteria, mold and allergens then the air in the room right now! What makes this vacuum cleaner even more appealing is the fact that they require no bags or filters. This is thanks to the “bagless” technology. You can actually see all the dirt and bacteria you are picking up in the clear cylinder located in the center of the machine. The vacuum cleaner also comes with a standard lifetime HELP and washable filters. This alone could end up saving you hundreds of dollars in the long term! Each Dyson comes with a standard 5 year warranty on parts and filters. Canisters are also covered. The Dyson DC17 upright vacuum cleaner comes in two different models- the standard asthma and allergy version or the innovative animal version. The asthma and allergy version is obviously specifically made for asthma and allergy sufferers while the animal version is made specially for households with pets.

Both units feature Level 3 Root Cyclone technology, the most powerful suction power found in any vacuum cleaner on the planet! The DC17 vacuum cleaner offers the best average pick-up on all floor types thanks to it’s amazing suction power. The unit also features a quick draw telescopic wand which allows you to reach in extremely hard to reach places since this unit feature has a 17 foot long reach! Standard additional features include a mattress tool, a flexi crevice tool and a soft dusting brush and tool set. A mini-turbine head and low reach floor tool is included for additional cleaning environments. On an end note, all models come with a complete carpet care kit.

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