Jun 21

Should You Seal Your Ceramic Tile?

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I’m here to share my experience of a decade and half on the subject of sealing your ceramic tiles. Sealing is helpful only if it is carried out the way it should be. Inappropriately executed sealing does more harm than any good and spoils the floor.

Sealing does not remain as effective as the manufacturers would normally claim. If the manufacturers say it would last for say five years, consider yourself lucky if it goes beyond a year. But, it will not be proper to hold the manufacturer solely responsible for this state of affairs. It is the way of execution and the kind of floor that is being sealed. For instance, sealing your bathroom floor or even the kitchen that is sure to have moisture can not be as effective and long lasting as any other place of your home.

Without any intentions of discouraging you from going ahead, I just want you to take care of a few things while sealing your floor. The most important factor is to use a sealer of very high quality, and that is going to be rather expensive. You would have already invested a lot of money in getting your floor tiled with ceramic tiles. Using a second grade sealer is going to tarnish the image of your expensive floor. The price of a good quality sealer should be around $100 per gallon. Anything cheaper than that could be suspected for its quality.

Apart from the quality of sealer, the most critical factor is the maintenance of your floor. Bear in mind that use of detergents and soaps for cleaning of such floor must be avoided at all costs. Use of such materials leaves a thin layer of sticky chemicals on the floor. This layer attracts dirt. Use a mixture of vinegar and water for cleaning. Ten ounces of vinegar in three gallons of water is sufficient to get the desired results. Equally important for the maintenance is the use of clean mops. It’s very simple to understand that a dirty mop would rather impart an unhealthy look to the floor than making it cleaner.

Mind you I make money by cleaning and sealing grouts in houses all over the town, yet I do not recommend my customers to go for sealing for the simple reason that I know it is not worth it. By and large it remains ineffective.

However, in case you are bent upon having it, take care of two things: use a sealer of excellent quality and be prepared to spare time in maintaining it the way it is desired. If you are not too sure of sparing the time and effort needed for its maintenance keep yourself away and save your money, not to mention the headache of keeping it clean.

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